Monday, 25 August 2014

Scooby & the Brazi Bay Beach Day

Scooby took us to Bournemouth Beach on the South Coast of England on Saturday 19th July 2014 for the Brazi Bay Beach Day. We were really looking forward to this day out with some of our Brazi chums, particularly as we had proposed and organised this day on the beach. So we hoped the recent good weather would stay with us!

The location was roughly central between Boscome Pier and Bournemouth Pier, with the car parking area accessed from the Boscombe Pier end of Undercliff Drive. The intention was that we park together and play together all day - with lots of fun in the sun.

We would need to to make an early start, leaving home at 6.00am, for the drive down to the coast. We would arrive at 8.50am, parking right next to the beach - with sand right outside your sliding door. 

Just after 8.00am the HappyHouse crew arrived and we set up the taped off area for our very own 'reserved parking area' for Brazi Bays - agreed with the council via the  Happyhouse crew.

We just needed the sun to come out and the rest of the Brazi bays to arrive, which both duly obliged a little while later.

We asked for people to consider bringing the following . . .

Beach Shelter and/or Wind break
Beach Ball or Beach Boules
Bright Beach towels
Bucket & Spade
Beach Games
Bat & Ball

Without going into all the details of the Brazi Bay Beach Day, let us simply provide you with some photos to let you get a feel of what went on, but needless to say we had good weather, good company and good times.

 The one where Scooby is pretending to be King of the Castle

 The one where there were 8 Kombis

 . . . and another

 The one where there were 9 Kombis, 1 Eriba and 1 T4

 The one where there were 10 Kombis, 1 Bug, 1 Eriba and 1 T4

Scooby and the 'Brazi Bunch' enjoyed the following activities at different times of the day:

Making sand castles, playing boules, tennis, badmington, volleyball, rounders, swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, sun bathing, walking along the promenade, meeting and greeting each other, having a look at the other Brazi Bays, having a 'tour' of the Eriba caravan, having some food and drink, generally chatting, having a BBQ at the end of the day and even some marshmellows!

What a day!
What a FAB Brazi Bay Beach Day.

The photo montage below provides you with many more photos of the Brazi Bay Beach Day. They do not however, capture all that went on - for that you had to be there.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the day - something we should perhaps do again.


Left the house at 6.00am and got back 11.00pm after over 13 hours on the beach!
Thank you to everyone who attended - making it such a fun day out - it was good to see you all.

We do hope you enjoyed it - we certainly did - here's to the next one.

That's All Volks!