Thursday, 1 May 2014

CamperJam 2013

Scooby took us to the VW Show known as CamperJam over the week end of 5th - 7th July 2013. We were really looking forward to attending this show again - we have attended the previous two years; CamperJam 2012  CamperJam 2011 both were a blast. 

As last year, we were in Club Camping with our chums from the Forum,  there were once again a good number of Kombis attending and so it should be fun. (As it was a 'Club Camping Event' some content from this Blog may have been shared with the Forum site).

We took the whole day off as holiday on the Friday and we were the first to arrive at our Club Camping pitch just after 2.00pm. Within minutes however, others started to arrive and after the 'meet and greet' we all set about setting up camp before sitting down for a drink and some chat. 

The weather forecast was for sunshine all weekend and for once they got it right!

There would be too much to try and report all of what went on, some of it you just had to be there to witness. We have however included a photo montage of each of the three days and decided to try and let the pictures tell the story this time around. Hope you like them.

As you saw, there was a Where's Wally theme on the Friday night - did we all not look AB FAB. There were one or two drinks to be had that evening, but we must mention Scooby had made a ' Sherbet Lemon Vodka' drink that was well received - it lasted for both nights - doo look out for the empty bottle in the last montage.

So to Saturday - the main full day.  We doo remember eventually having our own famous Brazi Bay Disco that evening - dancing away in costume. The theme being Hero's for the Saturday night, but it was obviously pretty much open to your own interpretation of what that meant. Scooby was meant to be Alice Cooper! 

Here's what the camera captured. 

Sunday - a time to relax and close the event with a dog show just before lunch.

Sunday - two show entries become winners from the proud Brazi Bunch.

Sunday - a time to enjoy the company of good friends before going our separate ways.

Sunday - a time to look back and reflect and to enjoy our Brazi Bays.

Finally, taking us back to the begining of this weekend here is the 'Arrival' video from Absinthe:

Hope you liked our Blog of CamperJam 2013 - see you at next year's show

That's All Volk's!