Tuesday, 24 December 2013

'Happy Daze' with Scooby

We are certainly in a Happy Daze with Scooby, with many 'days out' through out the year. So we thought we would create one Blog that we can add to as each adventure unfolds instead of individual entries for just a day out! So here we have our first six entries - including our Christmas Trip to London to meet up with the Brazi Bunch for Lunch! They are in no particular order and there will be others to add to these soon - so please pop back for further tales.

Our first entry into this Blog relates to the Bank Holiday Weekend that happened over 25th to 27th May 2013. This was the second Bank Holiday Weekend this month - the one at the start of the month we spent in Cheddar - see this link: A Gorgeous Weekend With Scooby The Bank Holiday Weekend at the end of the month also had good weather over the whole three days. With wet and rainy days on the Friday before and the Tuesday after - how rare is a dry Bank Holiday Weekend! Any way here is what we did.

On Saturday 25th May 2013 we decided we would go to the New Forest for the day. We often go to the New Forest, but in the winter, it would therefore be different to doo it in the warm! We typically go every year between Christmas and the New Year - see this link: A New Forest Adventure

We did not  leave too early, around 9.30am on the Saturday morning, taking a leisurely drive in the sun - Scooby was enjoying the outing. We arrived at our first of three locations in what seemed like no time at all - we did know however it was time to put the kettle on and have a coffee. After this we went for a walk, taking the odd pick along the way. 

Returning back to Scooby for lunch, we had a nice salad just sitting outside in the sunshine watching the wildlife. Before long we decided to move on to our second location for another walk with a different view. It felt strange being in the Forest in the warm, not wearing our hats and gloves as we do in the winter. Maybe this was the reason we walked further on this trip.

We sat around with a cup of tea upon returning to Scooby, with the obligatory piece of cake. This seemed how life should be! Eventually we moved on to our final location where we would have a sandwich for tea - with a few pics taken too.

After clearing up we finally made our move to head home. We'd had a FAB day out in the sun, enjoying the forest in the warm, seeing very few other people around. Arrived home at 9.30pm that  night. What a great twelve hours - thanks Scooby for not putting a foot wrong all day. Below is a short photo montage of our day - hope you like it.              

Our second entry into this Blog relates to events on the 7th December 2013, when a small gathering of Brazi Bay owners would be meeting up for a lunch in London - a Kombi Kristmas Kurry! We took the opportunity to be in London all day, dooing some Christmas Shopping, booking a couple of West End Shows and seeing the 'lights' in the late afternoon.

It was FAB to meet up with the Brazi Bunch - but where did the time go? Once out on to the streets it was very busy - particularly in M&M's World - the chocolate store even gave out free chocolate.

We took one or two pictures of our trip - unfortunately leaving Scooby at home - he does not like busy streets and crowds anyway. We have however compiled the following short photo montage, including Scooby (and his friend Bobby) as well as some seasonal images at home. 


Did you guess all the locations? 
Well here are some: 
Covent Garden, West End, Seven Dials, Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus (with Eros in a Snow Globe), Regent Street and Oxford Street.
Thanks for looking and we wish everyone a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

Our third entry into this Blog relates to events on the 31st August 2013, when we went down to the south coast to experience for the first time the Bournemouth Air Show. We did not leave too early and got down to the area by around 10.00am. We decided to park a little away from the main public areas and then get the bus to the pier.

The weather was glorious with 'wall to wall' sunshine all day. We had brought with us some food for a Bar-B-Q on the beach in the evening with sandwiches for lunch. After looking at the great static displays by the pier we secured a location to sit and watch the air displays in the blue sky above.

Below is a short photo montage of the display plus some pics of our Bar-B-Q on the beach - hope you like it. We really had a a FAB dayout and would recommend you attend such an event at least once!

Our fourth entry into this Blog relates to events on Sunday 26th May 2013. After our trip to New Forest the previous day we had already booked up weeks before to try out the 'Segway' experience offered at The Look Out Discovery Centre in Bracknell. We had been meaning to try them out for years having seen them many years earlier in America, but this day we would actually be doing it! So after completing the paperwork and training we would be off.

We spent a pleasant couple hours that morning mastering the use of a Segway vehicle along with a group of other people trying it out for the first time. We must say is was really good fun learning to go backwards and forwards then left and right along the various trails amongst the forest trees. We only took one or two photos - we were having too much fun to get out the camera! So here are some of the pics we did take. 

If you have not tried it before we would recommend you give it a go if there is some where local to you. It will not be cheap however, but it will be FAB.

When we had finished - and after all of that exercise (just standing on the Segway) we went off for a Sunday Lunch in a local pub. That was our FAB Segway Sunday.

Our fifth entry into this Blog relates to events on the 1st February 2014, when we wentto Richmond Park for the day - our Richmond Run in the Sun! 

After completing a few tasks first thing in the morning we decided as the weather was so good - blue sky and sunshine - that we would have an impromtu day out with Scooby. We quickly packed up a few things, along with some food and drink, but where should we go?

We very quickly decided to go to Richmond Park. It was only about an hour away and we could be there by late morning. Scooby enjoyed the opportunity of a run in the sun and in no time we were parking and the kettle was on. After coffee we had a little stroll through the nearby Isabella plantation and the surrounding area before making our way back to Scooby for lunch.

As we finished lunch the skies began to darken, but we still made our way out into the park aiming to complete a circular walk out to Pen Ponds and back. Within around fifteen minutes there were a few spots of rain, but we could see lighter skies behind the dark clouds so we continued on. We witnessed that 'cool' mix of sun and dark skies for a little while, even managing to spot a rainbow along the way.

There were plenty of deer in the park, as well horses, with many species of bird, including wild green parakeets - the later we did not unfortunately capture with our camera so we shall need to return again.

The afternoon was full of blue skies and sunshine and we really enjoyed being out in the fresh air, in the dry! By late afternoon, as we made our way back to Scooby, we were looking forward to a cup of tea and some bread pudding we had brought with us - it was all great. Finally, as we said farewell to the park Scooby had another faultless run home - what a FAB day out - thanks Scooby.

Here is a short photo montage of our Richmond Run in the Sun - hope you like it.

Our sixth entry into this Blog relates to events on Sunday 18th May 2014, when we met up with a few of our Forum chums at the Dubs at the Park VW Show.

This show is local to us - only 10-15 minutes away from home - and we met up with HarryHornet and URmysunshine in the car park of a local supermarket a couple of miles away from the site at around 10.30am. The show was a short drive away but there was a queue to get in which lasted only around 20minutes - the show officially only opened at 11.00am

TimV and kiteman would meet us at the show later - TimV going in his Audi which was up for sale rather than attend in Max his Red Kombi. He had some interest so hopefully he may have sold it by now.

The day had 'wall to wall' sunshine all day. We thought it was a FAB little show and really enjoyed the day out - we did not leave until around 5.00pm when the show officially closed.

Due to the good weather, there seemed to be many more people than we call previously and it did seem to get very busy in places. Hopefully this meant that the organisers made some money this year as the event was cancelled due to poor weather last year.

Anyway, as we said farewell to the 'park' Scooby had another faultless run home - not far we know but faultless all the same - what an AB FAB day out - thanks Scooby.

Here is a short photo montage of our day at Dubs at the Park 2014 - hope you like it.