Sunday, 6 October 2013

Brighton Breeze 2013

We went to Brighton Breeze on Saturday 5th October 2013 and the weather was dry and warm, but cloudy most of the day although the sun did make a brief appearance in the afternoon.  

Scooby had not formally entered the event or camp overnight in Epsom and we were not not part of the convoy drive down to Brighton. What Scooby did dooo was leave home early on Saturday morning at around 7.00am, arriving in Brighton at 8.45am.  

We parked on the 'top road' above Madiera Drive, as last year, then walked down on to the sea front before finding somewhere to have some breakfast. (This turned out to be a coffee and a couple of doughnuts at Krispy Kreme in the town - yummy!)

After our "breakfast" we took a slow walk back from the town, along the promenade and then on to the pier. 

It had been previously agreed that we would meet up with other members from the Forum below the "Wheel" at 11.45am - a time which rapidly arrived! There were sixteen of us for lunch and we all had a good chat before splitting up and looking at the show etc. At 3.00pm some of us would meet up again for Tea or Coffee at Tallualah's. Other than that no fixed plans.

Below are a small selection of the photo's we took at this year's show (took much less than in previous year's - on purpose!) - hope you will like them.

Bonus Material:
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