Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Kombi Sleepover 2013

Following the huge success of last year's event, The Kombi Sleepover 2012, a third Kombi Sleepover had been planned for this year by TimV from the Forum, along with his Admin. Team of Irishman, Kiteman and Scooby. It would be at the same location as last year - Anita's Caravan Park, near Banbury. 

As with last year's event we would be in a dedicated field for this show, but this time we would be having 'Traders' attend for the first time. It was therefore hoped that as many members of the club would be able to make it this year. Being a 'Club Event' some of this Blog content is shared with the Forum website.

The Kombi Sleepover 2013 was now a full three day event, starting on Friday 31st May and concluding on Sunday 2nd June. Being the third year of the event the plans for the show meant it would be even bigger and better last year. We were really looking forward to it. The timetable for this year's event looked like this:

Friday 31st May
Arrivals during the afternoon
Collect your Welcome pack on arrival
Welcome drinks in the Kombicabana at 6pm
70's Disco from 21:00 – 24:00 hours

Saturday 1st June
10:00 – 13:00 hours  The BraziBay Fair
All day long you can scale the giddy heights of the 
'VW Kampers' sponsored Mega Slide.
Then along 'Kombi Alley' you'll find:
How Many Balloons Are There In Max? 
Irishman's Tin Can Alley
Scooby's Duck Mania
Absinthe's Northern Big Dipper 
Lilyvdub's BraziBuns
Beakyboy's Quoits
Kiteman's BraziBay Buzzer
Butten's Playing Card Darts 
13:00 hours  Break for Lunch
14:00 hours onwards it's Sports Day – Aircooled versus Watercooled
Tug of war,Egg and Spoon Relay race,Sack Race Relay and then Rounders
This would be followed by the Scooby Auction at the Kombicabana
Then there was time for a break for Dinner at around 18:00 hours
The Kombi Kwiz followed shortly thereafter
Then it was the presentation of the Star Kombi Award and Brazibuzzer Award
19.30 hours – until end 'T2 Decades Disco' - music through the decades right up to today 

Sunday 2nd June
Pack up
A Group Photo opportunity for those that could stay

We managed to get the afternoon off from work so we left around 1.00pm and made our way to the camp site in bright sunshine - which was also forecast for the whole weekend - FAB.

On the M40 we passed 'lynn&steve' and then 'Happyhouse' before arriving at the site around 2.30pm. We said our initial hello's before setting up on our pitch - this would be the first time we would be using our new light blue sun canopy - then it was time for a drink and some more chat with both new and old faces!

For our dinner that night we had planned a Rib-Eye Steak Bar-B-Q - it always cooks well on the barbie. This went down well as we sat in the early evening sun, drinking in the atmosphere. Oh, we took a few pics as well. Time went so fast, before we knew it the 70's Disco was about to start.

We needed to get changed into our costumes - as did a few others - before entering the Disco in the Kombicabana. We would then stay there dancing the night away. Below is a photo montage of the first day - hope you like it.

As can be seen by the programme above, Saturday was not only the main day of the Sleepover, but it was jam packed with events all day right up to the evening when we would be once again dancing the night away!

After breakfast on the Saturday morning all of the stalls were starting to be setup - importantly - just across the way from us was the Brazi Buns stall hosted by Lilyvdub. They were running a cake stand. We enjoyed several 'tastings' through out the morning. The photo montage of the Saturday morning below starts and ends with cake - we love cake - and the Scooby mug was presented to us by Lilyvdub - many thanks we think it's FAB.

At 10:00am the stalls were open along 'Kombi Alley' and each host was soon busy with customers. The weather was glorious with blue sky and sunshine, it was going to be a lovely day! We did manage to 'have a go' on one or two of the other stalls as well as take the odd pic or two. Here are just a couple of pics, see the photo montage of the morning below for many many more. We shall let the pictures tell the story. The slide was not only popular with small children - some 'big kids' tried it as well.

The morning just flew past and before you knew it was lunch time - at which time many of us had the FAB hot dogs provided by Lilyvdub. The sale of all of the food and drink they provided helped raise funds for our chosen charity - Cancer Research - at the end of the day they made around £155.00 plus and extra £15.00 selling plants provided by Jill. What a fantastic achievement.

After lunch it was the 'Sports Day' element of the day with Air Cooled versus Water Cooled. Once again we shall let the pics in the 'afternoon photo montage' below tell the story. What the pictures do not say however, is who won what. So just to confirm; Air Cooled won the Tug of War, the Egg & Spoon Relay and the Sack Race Relay. Water Cooled won the Rounders. It was all a bit of fun - just look at the pics for the smiling faces!

Once the Sports Day was complete there was about 30minutes before the Scooby Auction was to take place. Many people had generously donated items to be auctioned, including our Traders, and they had either already given them to us or they brought them along to the Kombicabana. 

The crowd then brought along thier chairs to sit in the sun as the auction began. It was an enjoyable task, with a bit of fun along the way. After the last item had been bought we thanked everyone for donating and buying the auction items before then counting the money raised. We were very pleased with the outcome of the auction. The assembled crowd had paid a total of £851.00 for the various auction items - a big thank to each and everyone of you. 

Combining the additional funds raised at various stalls, selling some extra items etc. we ended up with a grand total of £1,165.00 for our chosen charity Cancer Research. It was a fantastic effort and everyone should be proud of the monies we all raised on that day whilst having a little fun along the way too!

After a break for dinner at 6.00pm we would then gather again infront of the Kombicabana for the Kombi Kwiz prepared by Tim - which was won by Danbury - well done guys. After this Tim presented the Star Kombi Award for 2013 - this year it went to Skytiger - well done. Then Kiteman presented the winner of his Brazi Buzzer competition with their cool prize - a bright orange cool box. This too was won by Skytiger - well done again.

At 7.30pm the 'T2 Decades Disco' would start with music through the decades right up to today. For this part of the evening many people dressed up in fancy dress costume and either drinking and chatting or going straight to the dancing - some did both! Scooby has to confess that on both nights we got dressed up, we were the first on to the dance floor and also the last to leave. Whether you would call it dancing is another matter. Either way great fun was had by all - we thought it was FAB.

Below is Tim's 'Walk Around The Kombi Sleepover' Video he made on the Saturday afternoon.


So here we are on Sunday morning and the sun is still shining - what a FAB weekend. After breakfast we packed up Scooby and took the odd pic or two! Chatted to a few people, helped Lilyvdub pack up - after a cake of course - and then we helped to take down the Kombicabana. For those that could stay there would be one final photo opportunity of the assembled Kombis and then it would be time to go. Below is our photo of the Brazi-Bunch(ed) as well our photo montage of the Sunday morning - hope you like it.


Finally, here is Lulu's 'Fly over the Kombi Sleeover 2013' video of the event - what a FAB video. This was taken via a Parrot Drone 2.0 - see a couple of pics of it in the above montage. 

. .
Well that was the Kombi Sleepover 2013 - an AB FAB weekend! Many thanks to TimV, the Admin. Team (Irishman, Kiteman and Scooby) as well as everyone who ran a stand, attended the event and took part in the auction. Everyone should be very proud of the £1,165.00 raised for our chosen charity - Cancer Research - whilst having some fun at the same time. See you next year!

That's All Volks!