Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Scooby and the Winter Sun Run

It rained all last weekend and so we did not end up leaving the house! This resulted in us playing around with some pictures of Scooby and putting them to a theme tune - see Scooby Doo Theme Tune. This weekend however, the weather forecast was different. It was forecast to be cloudy with some sunny intervals, but most importantly dry.

It was Saturday 16th February 2013, and we had no major plans for the weekend - certainly none we could not put off. So we thought we would check the weather forecast for the South Coast and possibly consider going out for the day. It was still OK, so at short notice, we collected some Scooby Snax and water for the journey and we were off.

We were heading to Bournemouth. We often end up on this beach, it is a very large and sandy beach - great out of season. We always head to Boscombe Pier and then drive along the beach road (Undercliff Drive) so we can park on the beach, nearer towards the Bournemouth Pier end.  

There were plenty of parking spaces away from the two crowded ends of this road. We were parked by late morning after an easy, trouble free run from home. 

We could not believe how the skies had cleared as we drove down - it would be a 'Winter Sun Run' to remember and Scooby was enjoying it! Once parked and after a quick drink we went for our first of many walks, leaving Scooby 'basking' under a blue sky and sunshine. We decided to have an early lunch so we walked into Bournemouth town for 'provisions', before walking through the adjacent gardens to the beach, along the promenade and on to the pier.

We must say it was a FAB day out, the weather was great, with little wind and a very calm sea. We took the odd pic along the way and have put some of them into the photo montage below - hope you enjoy them. The last few pics of the montage are of Scooby home on the drive, after a  'Meguiar's Wash' on the following Sunday morning.

That's All Volks!

Monday, 4 February 2013

Scooby's Fab Four - Part 4

For Scooby, there has been many highlights over the last year and we have attended some great VW Shows - too many to list them all. You can see many of our 'Kombi Kapers' in the archive section to the right - there are forty posts to review from the last couple of years! 

However, we have selected 'Scooby's FAB Four' shows from the past year so we can re-live them again during these cold winter months. The first in this series was DubAid 2, followed by the Daz Dub Doo, then the Kombi Sleepover. In this final instalment of 'Scooby's Fab Four' we highlight CamperJam.

In July 2012, we attended the CamperJam Show in Staffordshire, along with many other Brazi Bay owners from the Forum in the Group Camping Area. This was a FAB show - despite the great British weather last summer! We have now combined the pics from this event, as well as the 2011 show, in to the two photo montage's below (the 2012 show is first). We doo hope you like them.

Bonus Features:
CamperJam 2012
- words and pictures from last year's show
- two videos from the event - 'Heavy Downpour' and 'Dance'
- 'An Ariel View of CamperJam 2012' video
CamperJam 2011
- words and pictures from the 2011 show

Well that's the final one of 'Scooby's FAB Four' from last year - we doo hope you liked them. We are looking forward to the coming season even more now!

That's All Volks!

Friday, 1 February 2013

Stray Scooby Snaps

In the early part of the year there is not typically much activity for Scooby due to poor weather conditions and obviously no VW Shows we wish to attend this early in the year! We were really lucky with the weather on two of our most recent trips - the first was on 27th December 2012 for our New Forest Adventure, and then a little later on New Year's Day

At the end of 2012 and into the early part of 2013 we had an opportunity to review some of the photo's we had of Scooby and also the Tales we had told on here. We realised that there were a number of pics not necessarily associated with stays away in Scooby that we wanted to share. We thought we might collate some and publish them here altogether showing Happy Days in Brazi Bays, in no particular order, whether on the drive or on a day out!

So here are our 'Stray Scooby Snaps' in the photo montage below - taken from the past couple of years. There is a mix of summer and winter pics, with some illustrating the better weather we have experienced on occasion over the last couple of years. However, there are one or two snow scenes too showing Scooby feeling cold and blue! 

We hope the sunny snaps may help to brighten these cold and dark winter days. At least until the Spring arrives when we can once again start to attend some shows and hopefully get some better weather!


That's All Volks!