Tuesday, 24 December 2013

'Happy Daze' with Scooby

We are certainly in a Happy Daze with Scooby, with many 'days out' through out the year. So we thought we would create one Blog that we can add to as each adventure unfolds instead of individual entries for just a day out! So here we have our first six entries - including our Christmas Trip to London to meet up with the Brazi Bunch for Lunch! They are in no particular order and there will be others to add to these soon - so please pop back for further tales.

Our first entry into this Blog relates to the Bank Holiday Weekend that happened over 25th to 27th May 2013. This was the second Bank Holiday Weekend this month - the one at the start of the month we spent in Cheddar - see this link: A Gorgeous Weekend With Scooby The Bank Holiday Weekend at the end of the month also had good weather over the whole three days. With wet and rainy days on the Friday before and the Tuesday after - how rare is a dry Bank Holiday Weekend! Any way here is what we did.

On Saturday 25th May 2013 we decided we would go to the New Forest for the day. We often go to the New Forest, but in the winter, it would therefore be different to doo it in the warm! We typically go every year between Christmas and the New Year - see this link: A New Forest Adventure

We did not  leave too early, around 9.30am on the Saturday morning, taking a leisurely drive in the sun - Scooby was enjoying the outing. We arrived at our first of three locations in what seemed like no time at all - we did know however it was time to put the kettle on and have a coffee. After this we went for a walk, taking the odd pick along the way. 

Returning back to Scooby for lunch, we had a nice salad just sitting outside in the sunshine watching the wildlife. Before long we decided to move on to our second location for another walk with a different view. It felt strange being in the Forest in the warm, not wearing our hats and gloves as we do in the winter. Maybe this was the reason we walked further on this trip.

We sat around with a cup of tea upon returning to Scooby, with the obligatory piece of cake. This seemed how life should be! Eventually we moved on to our final location where we would have a sandwich for tea - with a few pics taken too.

After clearing up we finally made our move to head home. We'd had a FAB day out in the sun, enjoying the forest in the warm, seeing very few other people around. Arrived home at 9.30pm that  night. What a great twelve hours - thanks Scooby for not putting a foot wrong all day. Below is a short photo montage of our day - hope you like it.              

Our second entry into this Blog relates to events on the 7th December 2013, when a small gathering of Brazi Bay owners would be meeting up for a lunch in London - a Kombi Kristmas Kurry! We took the opportunity to be in London all day, dooing some Christmas Shopping, booking a couple of West End Shows and seeing the 'lights' in the late afternoon.

It was FAB to meet up with the Brazi Bunch - but where did the time go? Once out on to the streets it was very busy - particularly in M&M's World - the chocolate store even gave out free chocolate.

We took one or two pictures of our trip - unfortunately leaving Scooby at home - he does not like busy streets and crowds anyway. We have however compiled the following short photo montage, including Scooby (and his friend Bobby) as well as some seasonal images at home. 


Did you guess all the locations? 
Well here are some: 
Covent Garden, West End, Seven Dials, Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus (with Eros in a Snow Globe), Regent Street and Oxford Street.
Thanks for looking and we wish everyone a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

Our third entry into this Blog relates to events on the 31st August 2013, when we went down to the south coast to experience for the first time the Bournemouth Air Show. We did not leave too early and got down to the area by around 10.00am. We decided to park a little away from the main public areas and then get the bus to the pier.

The weather was glorious with 'wall to wall' sunshine all day. We had brought with us some food for a Bar-B-Q on the beach in the evening with sandwiches for lunch. After looking at the great static displays by the pier we secured a location to sit and watch the air displays in the blue sky above.

Below is a short photo montage of the display plus some pics of our Bar-B-Q on the beach - hope you like it. We really had a a FAB dayout and would recommend you attend such an event at least once!

Our fourth entry into this Blog relates to events on Sunday 26th May 2013. After our trip to New Forest the previous day we had already booked up weeks before to try out the 'Segway' experience offered at The Look Out Discovery Centre in Bracknell. We had been meaning to try them out for years having seen them many years earlier in America, but this day we would actually be doing it! So after completing the paperwork and training we would be off.

We spent a pleasant couple hours that morning mastering the use of a Segway vehicle along with a group of other people trying it out for the first time. We must say is was really good fun learning to go backwards and forwards then left and right along the various trails amongst the forest trees. We only took one or two photos - we were having too much fun to get out the camera! So here are some of the pics we did take. 

If you have not tried it before we would recommend you give it a go if there is some where local to you. It will not be cheap however, but it will be FAB.

When we had finished - and after all of that exercise (just standing on the Segway) we went off for a Sunday Lunch in a local pub. That was our FAB Segway Sunday.

Our fifth entry into this Blog relates to events on the 1st February 2014, when we wentto Richmond Park for the day - our Richmond Run in the Sun! 

After completing a few tasks first thing in the morning we decided as the weather was so good - blue sky and sunshine - that we would have an impromtu day out with Scooby. We quickly packed up a few things, along with some food and drink, but where should we go?

We very quickly decided to go to Richmond Park. It was only about an hour away and we could be there by late morning. Scooby enjoyed the opportunity of a run in the sun and in no time we were parking and the kettle was on. After coffee we had a little stroll through the nearby Isabella plantation and the surrounding area before making our way back to Scooby for lunch.

As we finished lunch the skies began to darken, but we still made our way out into the park aiming to complete a circular walk out to Pen Ponds and back. Within around fifteen minutes there were a few spots of rain, but we could see lighter skies behind the dark clouds so we continued on. We witnessed that 'cool' mix of sun and dark skies for a little while, even managing to spot a rainbow along the way.

There were plenty of deer in the park, as well horses, with many species of bird, including wild green parakeets - the later we did not unfortunately capture with our camera so we shall need to return again.

The afternoon was full of blue skies and sunshine and we really enjoyed being out in the fresh air, in the dry! By late afternoon, as we made our way back to Scooby, we were looking forward to a cup of tea and some bread pudding we had brought with us - it was all great. Finally, as we said farewell to the park Scooby had another faultless run home - what a FAB day out - thanks Scooby.

Here is a short photo montage of our Richmond Run in the Sun - hope you like it.

Our sixth entry into this Blog relates to events on Sunday 18th May 2014, when we met up with a few of our Forum chums at the Dubs at the Park VW Show.

This show is local to us - only 10-15 minutes away from home - and we met up with HarryHornet and URmysunshine in the car park of a local supermarket a couple of miles away from the site at around 10.30am. The show was a short drive away but there was a queue to get in which lasted only around 20minutes - the show officially only opened at 11.00am

TimV and kiteman would meet us at the show later - TimV going in his Audi which was up for sale rather than attend in Max his Red Kombi. He had some interest so hopefully he may have sold it by now.

The day had 'wall to wall' sunshine all day. We thought it was a FAB little show and really enjoyed the day out - we did not leave until around 5.00pm when the show officially closed.

Due to the good weather, there seemed to be many more people than we call previously and it did seem to get very busy in places. Hopefully this meant that the organisers made some money this year as the event was cancelled due to poor weather last year.

Anyway, as we said farewell to the 'park' Scooby had another faultless run home - not far we know but faultless all the same - what an AB FAB day out - thanks Scooby.

Here is a short photo montage of our day at Dubs at the Park 2014 - hope you like it.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Brighton Breeze 2013

We went to Brighton Breeze on Saturday 5th October 2013 and the weather was dry and warm, but cloudy most of the day although the sun did make a brief appearance in the afternoon.  

Scooby had not formally entered the event or camp overnight in Epsom and we were not not part of the convoy drive down to Brighton. What Scooby did dooo was leave home early on Saturday morning at around 7.00am, arriving in Brighton at 8.45am.  

We parked on the 'top road' above Madiera Drive, as last year, then walked down on to the sea front before finding somewhere to have some breakfast. (This turned out to be a coffee and a couple of doughnuts at Krispy Kreme in the town - yummy!)

After our "breakfast" we took a slow walk back from the town, along the promenade and then on to the pier. 

It had been previously agreed that we would meet up with other members from the Forum below the "Wheel" at 11.45am - a time which rapidly arrived! There were sixteen of us for lunch and we all had a good chat before splitting up and looking at the show etc. At 3.00pm some of us would meet up again for Tea or Coffee at Tallualah's. Other than that no fixed plans.

Below are a small selection of the photo's we took at this year's show (took much less than in previous year's - on purpose!) - hope you will like them.

Bonus Material:
Use the following links to see previous year's  . . .  
Brighton Breeze 2011
Brighton Breeze 2012

That's All Volks!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Kombi Sleepover 2013

Following the huge success of last year's event, The Kombi Sleepover 2012, a third Kombi Sleepover had been planned for this year by TimV from the Forum, along with his Admin. Team of Irishman, Kiteman and Scooby. It would be at the same location as last year - Anita's Caravan Park, near Banbury. 

As with last year's event we would be in a dedicated field for this show, but this time we would be having 'Traders' attend for the first time. It was therefore hoped that as many members of the club would be able to make it this year. Being a 'Club Event' some of this Blog content is shared with the Forum website.

The Kombi Sleepover 2013 was now a full three day event, starting on Friday 31st May and concluding on Sunday 2nd June. Being the third year of the event the plans for the show meant it would be even bigger and better last year. We were really looking forward to it. The timetable for this year's event looked like this:

Friday 31st May
Arrivals during the afternoon
Collect your Welcome pack on arrival
Welcome drinks in the Kombicabana at 6pm
70's Disco from 21:00 – 24:00 hours

Saturday 1st June
10:00 – 13:00 hours  The BraziBay Fair
All day long you can scale the giddy heights of the 
'VW Kampers' sponsored Mega Slide.
Then along 'Kombi Alley' you'll find:
How Many Balloons Are There In Max? 
Irishman's Tin Can Alley
Scooby's Duck Mania
Absinthe's Northern Big Dipper 
Lilyvdub's BraziBuns
Beakyboy's Quoits
Kiteman's BraziBay Buzzer
Butten's Playing Card Darts 
13:00 hours  Break for Lunch
14:00 hours onwards it's Sports Day – Aircooled versus Watercooled
Tug of war,Egg and Spoon Relay race,Sack Race Relay and then Rounders
This would be followed by the Scooby Auction at the Kombicabana
Then there was time for a break for Dinner at around 18:00 hours
The Kombi Kwiz followed shortly thereafter
Then it was the presentation of the Star Kombi Award and Brazibuzzer Award
19.30 hours – until end 'T2 Decades Disco' - music through the decades right up to today 

Sunday 2nd June
Pack up
A Group Photo opportunity for those that could stay

We managed to get the afternoon off from work so we left around 1.00pm and made our way to the camp site in bright sunshine - which was also forecast for the whole weekend - FAB.

On the M40 we passed 'lynn&steve' and then 'Happyhouse' before arriving at the site around 2.30pm. We said our initial hello's before setting up on our pitch - this would be the first time we would be using our new light blue sun canopy - then it was time for a drink and some more chat with both new and old faces!

For our dinner that night we had planned a Rib-Eye Steak Bar-B-Q - it always cooks well on the barbie. This went down well as we sat in the early evening sun, drinking in the atmosphere. Oh, we took a few pics as well. Time went so fast, before we knew it the 70's Disco was about to start.

We needed to get changed into our costumes - as did a few others - before entering the Disco in the Kombicabana. We would then stay there dancing the night away. Below is a photo montage of the first day - hope you like it.

As can be seen by the programme above, Saturday was not only the main day of the Sleepover, but it was jam packed with events all day right up to the evening when we would be once again dancing the night away!

After breakfast on the Saturday morning all of the stalls were starting to be setup - importantly - just across the way from us was the Brazi Buns stall hosted by Lilyvdub. They were running a cake stand. We enjoyed several 'tastings' through out the morning. The photo montage of the Saturday morning below starts and ends with cake - we love cake - and the Scooby mug was presented to us by Lilyvdub - many thanks we think it's FAB.

At 10:00am the stalls were open along 'Kombi Alley' and each host was soon busy with customers. The weather was glorious with blue sky and sunshine, it was going to be a lovely day! We did manage to 'have a go' on one or two of the other stalls as well as take the odd pic or two. Here are just a couple of pics, see the photo montage of the morning below for many many more. We shall let the pictures tell the story. The slide was not only popular with small children - some 'big kids' tried it as well.

The morning just flew past and before you knew it was lunch time - at which time many of us had the FAB hot dogs provided by Lilyvdub. The sale of all of the food and drink they provided helped raise funds for our chosen charity - Cancer Research - at the end of the day they made around £155.00 plus and extra £15.00 selling plants provided by Jill. What a fantastic achievement.

After lunch it was the 'Sports Day' element of the day with Air Cooled versus Water Cooled. Once again we shall let the pics in the 'afternoon photo montage' below tell the story. What the pictures do not say however, is who won what. So just to confirm; Air Cooled won the Tug of War, the Egg & Spoon Relay and the Sack Race Relay. Water Cooled won the Rounders. It was all a bit of fun - just look at the pics for the smiling faces!

Once the Sports Day was complete there was about 30minutes before the Scooby Auction was to take place. Many people had generously donated items to be auctioned, including our Traders, and they had either already given them to us or they brought them along to the Kombicabana. 

The crowd then brought along thier chairs to sit in the sun as the auction began. It was an enjoyable task, with a bit of fun along the way. After the last item had been bought we thanked everyone for donating and buying the auction items before then counting the money raised. We were very pleased with the outcome of the auction. The assembled crowd had paid a total of £851.00 for the various auction items - a big thank to each and everyone of you. 

Combining the additional funds raised at various stalls, selling some extra items etc. we ended up with a grand total of £1,165.00 for our chosen charity Cancer Research. It was a fantastic effort and everyone should be proud of the monies we all raised on that day whilst having a little fun along the way too!

After a break for dinner at 6.00pm we would then gather again infront of the Kombicabana for the Kombi Kwiz prepared by Tim - which was won by Danbury - well done guys. After this Tim presented the Star Kombi Award for 2013 - this year it went to Skytiger - well done. Then Kiteman presented the winner of his Brazi Buzzer competition with their cool prize - a bright orange cool box. This too was won by Skytiger - well done again.

At 7.30pm the 'T2 Decades Disco' would start with music through the decades right up to today. For this part of the evening many people dressed up in fancy dress costume and either drinking and chatting or going straight to the dancing - some did both! Scooby has to confess that on both nights we got dressed up, we were the first on to the dance floor and also the last to leave. Whether you would call it dancing is another matter. Either way great fun was had by all - we thought it was FAB.

Below is Tim's 'Walk Around The Kombi Sleepover' Video he made on the Saturday afternoon.


So here we are on Sunday morning and the sun is still shining - what a FAB weekend. After breakfast we packed up Scooby and took the odd pic or two! Chatted to a few people, helped Lilyvdub pack up - after a cake of course - and then we helped to take down the Kombicabana. For those that could stay there would be one final photo opportunity of the assembled Kombis and then it would be time to go. Below is our photo of the Brazi-Bunch(ed) as well our photo montage of the Sunday morning - hope you like it.


Finally, here is Lulu's 'Fly over the Kombi Sleeover 2013' video of the event - what a FAB video. This was taken via a Parrot Drone 2.0 - see a couple of pics of it in the above montage. 

. .
Well that was the Kombi Sleepover 2013 - an AB FAB weekend! Many thanks to TimV, the Admin. Team (Irishman, Kiteman and Scooby) as well as everyone who ran a stand, attended the event and took part in the auction. Everyone should be very proud of the £1,165.00 raised for our chosen charity - Cancer Research - whilst having some fun at the same time. See you next year!

That's All Volks!

Friday, 10 May 2013

A Gorgeous Weekend With Scooby

At short notice we decided to go away for the early May Bank Holiday and what a FAB time we had. We booked a pitch at the Cheddar Bridge Campsite in Cheddar which luckily for us still had a couple of places. Never been to this site before, but we thought we would take a chance as it was at short notice and we liked the idea of being able to walk into the village. 

It turned out to be a good little 'Adult Only' site for our weekend away. A FAB location and good clean facilities - albeit few in number. This did not bother us as we never had to wait for showers etc. as we always get up early! The only other slight down side related to the adjacent church bells which continued through the night - light sleepers should perhaps avoid this site.

So we were going to Cheddar. We packed up Scooby on Thursday night ready for the off the following day. We left home at around 10.00am on Friday 3rd May 2013, taking a leisurely drive West in the early May sunshine. Filling Scooby up along the way, we arrived at the camp site around 12.30pm and made short work of setting up camp. Then it was time for something to drink and a spot of lunch - sandwiches we had brought from home.After our leisurely lunch in the sunshine we decided to explore the village a little that afternoon.

We walked the short distance from the site in to Cheddar. The timing of our visit to the village - on a Friday afternoon of a Bank Holiday Weekend - meant that it was not particularly busy. (We heard later that there was terrible traffic on the M5 that afternoon. We were glad we got there lunchtime). We were able to capture a few pics of the village without the usual masses of people.

The skies were partly cloudy now, with the sun popping out from behind the clouds every now and then. By late afternoon we made our way back to the camp site trying to decide on the way which of the three meals we had brought with us to have that evening. We soon decided upon the Bar-B-Q, so the salad was prepared and the Rib-Eye Steaks were cooked just right as we sipped our wine during the rest of the evening. On the camp site we spotted a dark blue Brazilian Bay - we would chat to them latter in the weekend.

Later that evening we could not resist trying the 'Vintage' Cheddar with some crackers we had bought in the village that afternoon - AB FAB! As we sat under a clear and star filled sky we made our plans for the next day before retiring for the night.

Below is a photo montage of the first day: 

Saturday morning and we awoke to some light rain showers - it was forecast so it was not un-expected, but it was due to stop around lunchtime. We were therefore 'forced' to have a relaxed breakfast, no need to rush around. Fortunately for us the skies cleared quickly and sometime between 10.00 and 10.30am it had stopped completely. So we made our way to Weston-Super-Mare for the day. 

We headed for the South Parking, right on the beach, which was surprisingly empty at that time. It did however fill up with kite surfers and other visitors as we watched from Scooby whilst having a cup of coffee and a biscuit or two.

Our destination for the first walk of the day would be further South, to see the 'land yachts' speeding around the beach circuit. On our return journey we went closer to the sea to watch the 'kite surfers' and 'wind surfers' for a while on the incoming tide. A sandwich lunch back at Scooby and then we would take a slow walk North towards the pier and into the town itself, taking the odd pic or two as we went. We spotted a Yellow Brazilian Bay on the beach - the owner was preparing to go 'wind surfing' so we only had a brief chat - he knew about the Forum.

When we arrived back at Scooby at around 4.30pm we decided over a cup of tea that we would not rush back to the camp site to eat, but instead we would eat on the beach as we were still bathed in glorious sunshine. Having already had our Bar-B-Q we could not 'Barbie on the Beach'. Instead we would cook the home made Spaghetti Bolagnase we had brought with us. So we had 'Bollie on the Beach' around 6.00pm - it was great.

By around 7.40pm we thought we would make our way back to the camp site. Having thought to mark the wheel positions before disconnecting the awning, when we returned to the site we easily lined up Scooby so we could attach the awning once again without problem. Then it was time for a Pimms and a little later some more 'Vintage' Cheddar before retiring for the evening.

Below is a photo montage of the second day: 


The next day was Sunday 5th May 2013. We awoke to clearing skies and warm sunshine, so over  breakfast we decided we would doo the Gorge Cliff Top Walk that afternoon. A lazy Sunday morning then followed, when we would spend time on the camp site relaxing in the morning sun. We had the opportunity to also speak to the owners of the dark Blue Brazilian Bay on the camp site, handing out a Club Card and advising them of the Kombi Sleepover at the end of May.

After lunch we walked from the camp site, in sunshine and under blue skies, in to the village to obtain our tickets for the Cliff Top Gorge Walk. This would involve ascending Jacobs Ladder, 274 steps from street level and then going up the Lookout Tower for 360 degree views, including views across to the reservoir glinting in the sunshine.

The walk would rise up several levels before eventually rising to the uppermost point -  see the map route below - so we had several stops along the way for photo opportunities before resting at the top and sitting there a while just absorbing it all in wonderment. 

Going down would be easier we thought, but not so, some of it was very rough and the last was particularly steep. Then we were back at road level - on the road that goes through the Gorge.

We decided to walk the other side of the Gorge and along the top as from the other side it appeared to be a much easier path. Indeed it was, but there were many steps to raise you up to that level. We were not in any rush so we once again took it slow, with photo opportunities along the way. 

The views were unbelievable, as was the weather - total blue sky and sunshine - we were glad we had our water! The eventual decent was relatively easy, arriving at street level around 6.00pm, some three and half hours or so after we had started after lunch.

Before heading back to the camp site the closest ice cream parlour would be our first stop - the whippy ice cream with a flake was FAB. After we had sat down and eaten our ice creams we then took a slow walk back. 

Arriving back at the camp site it was Pimms-a-clock so we relaxed in the sunshine before thoroughly enjoying our quiche salad. That evening, as we looked back on the weekend, we could not believe how lucky we had been with the weather. With a clear sky still above us, the sun set and once more the stars shone brightly in the sky. It had all been FAB.

Below is a photo montage of the third day:


Monday morning and it was once again dry, sunny and bright. After breakfast we packed everything away and took down the awning, packing it onto the roof rack. We left the camp site at 11.30am and were back on the road home. However, to fill up with petrol we headed towards Weston-Super-Mare and the local Morrison's just off Junction 21 of the M5. (A lot cheaper than the Motorway Service Stations).

We could not believe the traffic going in to Weston-Super-Mare! After filling up we watched in disbelief as the stationary traffic was nose-to-tale all the way from the M5. On the M5 we were heading North from Junction 21 and there was some traffic - moving slowly - which eventually cleared. On the other side, heading South, it was three lanes of stationary traffic. We did not see the end of it until Junction 17 on the M5 - that is a very long way!

Just after 1.00pm we pulled into Leigh Delamere Service Station on the M4 for lunch - we had prepared our sandwiches at breakfast. 

Whilst parked we spoke to a VW enthusiast from Essex who came up to us, he had an original Westfalia Camper and also a Beetle - both of which he was working on to make them road worthy. We chatted for around 20mins about Scooby and his vehicles before they made their way back on to the motorway.

Then we spotted an old motorcycle on a trailer a few bays away in the car park so we went over for a  chat. It was an old Sunbeam and we discussed old bikes for a while with it's owner, but his main bike was a Harley Davidson - so more to discuss! This took around another 20mins or so. 

We also saw a glider in the skies above us, which we watched for a while as we had our lunch. So what should have been a short 20min stop for lunch extended into around an hour!

After his unexpectedly longer rest Scooby was soon back on the M4 and within the hour we were pulling off the motorway - nearly home. We'd had A Gorgeous Weekend With Scooby and  he did not put a foot wrong the whole weekend. We would certainly recommend the Gorge if you have not been. 

After unpacking everything at home we treated Scooby to a Meguiars Wash to remove the bugs and sand from our weekend trip. Thanks Scooby for another FAB weekend away. Here's to the next!

                                                                                                                           That's All Volks!

Monday, 8 April 2013

A Swanage Tale

Scooby took us off to Swanage on Friday 29th March 2013 for the Easter Weekend and what a FAB weekend we had. We had added an extra day to the Easter Weekend so we would have a total of five days off from work - so here is our 'day by day' account. 

The weather forecast for the whole weekend was dry with some sun, but cold and windy. Still we can wrap up against the cold and we planned to doo lots of walking so that should keep us warm. It would be 'bracing' but enjoyable.

We left early on the Friday morning and headed to Bournemouth first - could not get on the campsite too early.

We wanted to spend some time on the beach before going to our campsite in the afternoon.  We were parked 'on the beach' and making our first drink of the day just after 9.30am after a good run down.

It did not seem that long ago that we had been in a very similar position - which was true as we had been down to Bournemouth for the day on 16th February 2013 - see: Scooby and the Winter Sun Run Unfortunately, it would not be as warm as our February trip!

After our drink we decided to take a slow walk along the promenade towards Bournemouth. We did not go on to the pier this time, but kept on walking past the pier and out the other side. We eventually went as far as Branksome Chine and the Tropical Gardens that overlook the beach. Having walked through the gardens to the top of the cliff we found a suitably sheltered bench to sit and eat our pack lunch looked out to sea. 

We walked back towards Bournemouth along the top for a while and then back down to sea level along the promenade before arriving back at the pier. From here we walked through the gardens in to the to the town to pick up some provisions before heading back to Scooby. Another cup of tea was prepared and we had some hot cross buns as we looked across the beach out to sea.

By now it was around 2.30pm so we decided to say farewell to Bournemouth for this trip and head off to our campsite - Ulwell Cottage Caravan Park Last time we went to Swanage we used the ferry from Sandbanks, but this time as we were in no rush we thought we would drive round - which meant we could drive through Corfe and get to see the castle on our way. We had planned a walking trip to Corfe later in the weekend so we would not stop on this occasion.

At the campsite we checked in then made our way to our pitch - we needed to use our wedges to make Scooby level - but this is all we needed to doo. We plugged in the hook up, placed our mat and solar lights in front of the sliding door and Scooby could then rest for a few days. We previously decided not to take our awning etc. on this trip although there was plenty of room on the plot if we had decided to doo so.

We have stayed at this site before - see A Weekend in Swanage - so we knew what a FAB campsite it was, with great facilities and location - certainly one for you to consider if you want to stay in Swanage. 

After a walk around the campsite it appeared to be almost full with caravans and large campers. There were a handful of tents, one VW Classic Bay and one VW T25.

Behind our pitch were the Purbeck Hills, at the far corner of the site there was a gate that allowed you up on to the hills with a path that would take you all the way into Corfe - this would be our walk on Sunday. We only went a little way up the hill on this first day just to look across and down into Swanage - our planned trip for tomorrow. 

Pretty soon it was time to eat so we returned to Scooby for a Ham salad dinner followed by a home made apple pie and custard! After clearing up from dinner we settled in for the night to watch a DVD or two - it was very cosy with the heater on and a drink in hand. Tomorrow we would be walking all day starting on Swanage beach.

To see more pics of our first day please click the photo montage below.

We had a good nights sleep and awoke to partly cloudy skies and sunshine. We had a leisurely breakfast before getting ready and leaving the campsite at around 10.00am for the 20 minute walk to the beach and into Swanage. It was all down hill which was great, but coming back at the end of the day we wished it was down hill on the way back!

As we arrived at the beach we could see that the tide was in and the waves were crashing against the shore with some force. 

As we slowly made our way along the seafront, we took the odd pic or two, and before long we found ourselves in the town. 

We went to the train station to get a timetable and ended up in a baker's cafe for a coffee and the largest piece of bread pudding! It was FAB and filling.  

We walked back through the town and back along the beach once more. There were a couple of jet-skis just-a-bout to leave the beach. However, the tide had gone out a little since they must of arrived and they were stuck!

The two guys managed to get one out into the sea, but were struggling with the other one. I gave them a helping hand - running back every time the water came up the beach - and we eventually got the second one into the sea. Took a couple of pics obviously.

After looking around the shops again and then wandering along the beach and sea front a little more we decided before we went walking further afield we should consider some lunch. Well it was the sea side so we decided to have some fish & chips, which we eat sitting down outside looking out to sea. (Making sure no seagulls could reach our food).

We now needed to walk off all of this food so we took a slow walk along the coastal path out of Swanage, past the pier and towards the Life Boat Station and then on to the Coast Guard Look Out Point. 

From here we then continued along the coastal path up to Durlston Castle and Country Park, before ending up at the Lighthouse at Anvil Point.

It was mid afternoon by now and so we thought we might turn around and head back to Swanage town. 

By the time we had got back into the town we thought we deserved a warm drink so we went back to the same cafe for a drink, resisting the cakes this time. Another slow  walk back along the beach and then up to the campsite, arriving around 5.30pm.

We had planned to have a sandwich for tea, but we were both still full up from the bread pudding and fish & chips that we skipped this meal completely! We read for a little while before once again settling in for the night, heater on whilst watching some DVD's. In the course of the evening we did have a couple of hot cross buns - just to make sure we did not end up hungry in the  night you understand.

To see more pics of our second day please click the photo montage below.

We had another good nights sleep - must be the clean air and all that walking - and awoke to clear skies and brilliant sunshine.  

We had a leisurely breakfast before getting ready and leaving the campsite at around 11.00am - we had lost an hour due to resetting the clocks to British Summer Time! Today we would be walking into Corfe.

At the corner of the campsite there was a gate that lead out on to the Purbeck Hills with a path that would take you all the way into Corfe - around 4 miles. 

We took the 'high road' to walk along the tops of the hills so we could see Swanage to our left with Studland and Sandbanks on our right as we headed towards Corfe. The views were amazing, particularly with the blue skies and sunshine.

The walk into Corfe lasted until lunchtime. During this time, from high on the hills, we had seen the steam train travelling back and forth to Swanage with its distinctive plumes of steam and familiar 'toot toot' from the whistle echoing down the tracks. We would get the train back to Swanage. 

As we approached the end of the path into Corfe the train was in the station. We took a quick snap of it whilst stationary and then waited a couple of minutes for it to pull out before capturing it going over the bridge with the castle in the background - what timing we thought.

We eat our pack lunch in Corfe, after which we walked around the town taking the odd pic here and there, with a few of the castle as you might expect. 

Then it was time to catch the steam train back to Swanage. Having got our tickets we waited on the platform for around fifteen minutes for the train, making polite conversation with the station master in the afternoon sun. 

After a 'toot toot' from the train's whistle we were off, heading back to Swanage in style on board a real steam train. After a pleasant journey, in Swanage the train would need to take on water etc. and so another photo opportunity presented itself, so we captured the train leaving station.

By the time we had arrived back at the campsite it was around 4.30pm so we got out our chairs and read a little in the late afternoon sun along side Scooby, enjoying a nice cup of tea too! You cannot beat tea by the Bay. Before long it was time for dinner, this evening we would be having a home made Chilli, followed by Macaroni for him and Rice Pudding for her! 

After clearing up from dinner we settled in for the night to watch a DVD or two - it was still very cosy with the heater on and a drink in hand, plus some chocolate Easter Egg. (Well it was Easter Sunday). 

Tomorrow we would again be walking all day, starting with a steep hill climb via the steps in the hillside, before heading across the hill tops to see 'Old Harry'.

To see more pics of our third day please click the photo montage below.

Well we had yet another good nights sleep and awoke to overcast skies - still the weather was due to improve in the afternoon. We had a leisurely breakfast before getting ready and leaving the campsite at around 10.30am. For this trip we would leave the campsite via the main entrance, turning left and crossing Ulwell Road to access the gate that takes up onto the Purbeck Hills once more.
The steep steps can clearly be seen from our campsite and they certainly took a while to complete as they take you up to the top of the hill. There is an obelisk at this point as well as signs indicating distances and the path in each direction. From here we would be taking the path to see 'Old Harry' which was around 3 miles away.

Great views again from the tops of the hills, but unlike yesterday's brilliant sunshine the overcast skies today restricted the view a little - it seemed even misty in the distance. Today, for the first time,  we wore our thermal hats to protect us from the wind - as we said at the start of this Blog it would be 'bracing' but enjoyable.

As we continued our walk we had views of Swanage Bay to our right and Studland Bay to our left. As we approached the end of the hills we went along the the coastal path out to the point in order to see 'Old Harry'. It was very windy at this point - fortunately coming off the sea - as several gusts certainly moved us!

After the obligatory photo session we made our way back into Swanage, but this time not along the hill tops. We would instead take the coastal path right down into Swanage. Before the path disappeared in to the side roads at the edge of the town there was a small green with a couple of benches. As it was around 2.00pm this is where we stopped and eat our pack lunch and once again look out to sea.

The afternoon had cleared up a little with the sun breaking through at different times. We walked into Swanage and found a little place to have a hot drink and a cream cake. After we had warmed up a little we then decided to walk back to the campsite. 

On the way we decided that we would go for a swim in the pool at the campsite (all included in the pitch price) which was nice as it was not too crowded - being the Bank Holiday Monday when many campers had gone home.

After our swim the campsite was bathed in sunshine, the skies had cleared and we were to enjoy some late afternoon sun. After a little time reading I went for a walk around the campsite with to take some final shots of the site in the sun. 

When I returned to Scooby our Pasta dinner was well under way. After clearing up for the last evening of our stay we sat down again, heater on, playing a DVD and finishing the chocolate Easter Egg. Tomorrow we would be going home, though not too early.

To see more pics of our fourth day please click the photo montage below.


After another good nights sleep we awoke to clear skies and brilliant sunshine.  

We had a leisurely breakfast before getting ready and then disconnecting the electrics, rolling Scooby off the ramps and packing everything away. 

Once the roof was down we ended up leaving the campsite at 10.30am.


We would once again not use the ferry, but drive 'the long way round' so we could drive one last time through Swanage and Corfe.

Of course we had to take the odd snap along the way. 


Arrived home at lunchtime where we first had a quick bite to eat then we fully unpacked Scobby before treating him to a Meguiares Wash on the drive - to remove all of that salt and sand from his coat.


What a FAB weekend, really enjoyed it all. The weather was totally dry, no rain or even a dew in the mornings and we had sunshine. All this on an Easter Bank Holiday Weekend! It was however, cold all weekend and the wind was rather 'bracing' - but we still enjoyed everything. As long as it is dry anything is Doo-able! 

Well that's our Swanage Tale - hope you enjoyed it - we certainly did.

That's All Volks!