Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Scooby 2

Towards the end of November 2012 we celebrated our 2nd Anniversary with Scooby. 

Whilst we have not spent as many nights out with Scooby as we did last year it has all been FAB. 

In fact, 2012 turned out to be a great year!

We therefore thought we would share with you, in pictures, just some of our adventures.

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We have documented many of our adventures and tales on this Blog - this is our 38th so far!

Our first VW Show this year was on Saturday 24th March 2012, it was Volksworld

On a personal note: Just like Volksworld we too were celebrating 25 years,
but of marriage to each other in 2012!

Our next VW Show was Dub Aid 2

This show was held over the weekend of 30th March to 1st April 2012.

For the Easter weekend - 6th April to 9th April 2012 - we headed off down to Padstow in Cornwall, 
via Woolacombe in North Devon - see Scooby Goes West

Scooby took us off for a 'day visit' to the Dubs in the Forest Show on Saturday 28th April 2012.

At the beginning of May we set ourselves the Bison or Buffalo challenge!
So on Saturday 5th May 2012 Scooby took us of to a Bison Farm in Wiltshire.
On Saturday 12th May 2012 Scooby took us to Laverstoke Park Farm in Hampshire. 
See our Blog for the answer to Bison or Buffalo ?

Then came the Daz Dub Doo which took place over the weekend of 18th to 20th May 2012.

Scooby took us down to Plymouth for the long Bank Holiday Weekend of 1st to 5th June 2012.
We were going to attend our first Plymouth Volkfest

Oh yes, there was also some bunting too, as we were celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee 

The Kombi Sleepover 2012 was to be held over the weekend of 22nd to 24th June 2012.
Being the second year of the event it would obviously be bigger and better than last year. 
We were really looking forward to it especially as we were more involved this year. 

The next VW Show would be CamperJam which was held over the week end of 6th - 8th July 2012. 
This turned out to be another FAB event - despite the weather!


In late July and August we were away celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary in Hawaii.

We also attended the 2012 Olympic Games in London, England.
In early September we were away in a lodge on Loch Lomond, Scotland celebrating a family 70th Birthday.

At the end of September Scooby had his annual service and successfully passed his MOT with 'no advisories'.

In October we went to Brighton Breeze on Saturday 6th October 2012.
The weather was dry but cloudy in the morning and then sunny in the afternoon.

On Sunday 14th October 2012, as the weather was so good, Scooby wanted to have a run in the sun!
We therefore decided we would go Up on the Downs!

As the weather forecast remained good for Saturday 27th October 2012,
 we decided to have a Woolacombe Weekend for our last trip before Christmas.

That's All Volks!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Customising Scooby

Once we set about finding Scooby we new we wanted a Brazilian Bay with a good specification

For us this is exactly what we found when we secured ownership of Scooby. 

However, there will always be little things you will want to add to customise your Kombi, to make it personal to you.  

We will therefore try to outline, in no particular order, the little things we have done thus far. Some have been amazingly easy and cheap - others not so!

Having secured ownership of Scooby towards the end of November 2010, in early 2011 we decided to replace all four tyres with a brand new set for the coming season.

One of next things we did was to find a personalised plate. Scooby was a '56 registered Kombi and so some of the newer registrations would be available to us.

The above is an early pic showing the one we found. It was SL02 DUB - meant to read SLOW TO DUB - and at VW Shows we would eventually stick a laminated W over the 2 so it read SLOW DUB!

On the dashboard we also placed our name sake on the passenger side as well as hanging a shell necklace from the rear view mirror.  

The original owners of the Kombi had selected the standard rubber matting through out the vehicle with black vinyl seat covers.  

They also elected to keep the additional row of seats that can be bolted in to the Kombi, complete with seat belts, in order to provide a six seat option. 

They did however use seat covers for the driver and passenger seat in the front cab.  

The above pic shows the addition seats in situ and the rubber matting. The kombi did not have a buddy seat and so this would be something we we would need to add ourselves.  

To brighten up the dashboard a little we decided we would use a blue and white Hawaiian lei (three actually) to go along the front of the dashboard at the bottom of the front windscreen.  

Some dashboard ornaments would also be sourced - colour coded to match the Scooby Blue exterior of course.
Here are some pics with Scooby illustrating some of these items, along with a travel clock that just fitted in the dashboard - colour coded again. 

A Scooby Tax Disc Holder is in the next pic.

We would need to source a buddy seat next for Scooby.
This next pic shows the top of the custom made buddy seat we sourced for Scooby, as well as the large mats we used to go over the existing rubber matting.

We thought we would see how they lasted before making any decision about new flooring.  

Nearly two years later we are still using the same mats. They are so easy to clean/brush, taking them out of the vehicle as required.

The pic also illustrates the black cushions we were using together with Scooby and his surfboard.

The next pic illustrates the non-slip sliding door strip that has been self adhesive fixed to the cill.

We bought this strip form TimV from the Forum - newer models have a similar strip fitted as standard. 

The strip looks good in our opinion, it is practical and easy to fit - only 5 to 10 mins - and you could probably file your nails on it as well ! 

Having blue seat covers on the front seats when we purchased Scooby we thought it was about time we tried to brighten up the rear seat/interior a little.

We sourced a couple of blue and white spotted fleeces and placed them over the seat.  

The next pic of Scooby with his surfboard illustrates the design, along with some new cushion covers we liked.

Having kept this on the seats for a while we decided that we really liked the spots.

When we were going to change the curtains a spotted pattern would be a definite option to consider.

We thought the fleece and pillows certainly brightened up the rear seating area of Scooby. 

As an additional benefit of using the fleeces, if camping out in cold weather, we would also have an additional layer to go over our sleeping bags!

The VW sign on the spare wheel cover was now looking a bit 'tired'.

We decided to give it a coat of paint - electing to use a black finish to match in with the other black elements at the front. 

These before and after pics illustrate the two views.

Scooby was lucky enough to win the prize draw at the first Kombi Sleepover.

This win resulted in us receiving a VW Heritage voucher worth £100.00. 

Using this voucher with some additional cash we bought a clear lense kit and new wing mirrors for Scooby comprising of the items illustrated in this pic.

The next few pics show the items fitted.


The pic with Scooby looking down from the top of the custom buddy seat illustrates the new tyres on our original Empi alloy wheels, the clear side repeater, some stickers applied to the side of the buddy seat and finally the rubber mat that we cut to fit on the wheel arch and around the seat fittings.

We treated the timber and painted the 'old' rack for Scooby so it was colour co-ordinated, almost matching the aerial ball we had fitted to Scooby.

When fitting the rack we used some garden hose cut into small sections to go under the frame as shown above.

We eventually got around to changing the curtains on Scooby.

We chose a blue fabric with white spots, electing to have this fabric on both sides of the curtain with a black out liner in between.

A big improvement.

We never used the double bed in the pop top for sleeping, only for storage.

So having removed the bed board, we cut some chip board to the correct size, painted it and applied a few stickers.

Still had the same storage space, but we saved a considerable amount of weight.

On the edge of the board we fitted some grey circular foam - normally used for pipe insulation - as this would help to soften any impact - namely our heads when the pop top was up!

We purchased a bike rack to hold two bicycles that fits on the back of Scooby as shown by this pic of us on the beach.

For a short while we used this bright coloured throw over the rear seat.

We were not really sure about it, but we now use it behind the seat (ie. above the engine area) and we think it looks great.


The cab door cards received some attention next.

We just wanted to brighten it up a little.

After carefully removing each one we rubbed them down sprayed and lacquered them before applying some stickers.

We really like the results.


We purchased some new alloy wheels at a Volksworld Show.

Here they are fitted, we really doo like the new look 'paws' on Scooby.

As part of his last service, Scooby had one or two extra jobs completed.

This included his MOT, a new battery, a starter motor, a new fuel pipe hose and this towing point welded at the front.

Strangely there is no front towing point provided on the Kombi, although Scooby did have one at the rear.

Should he now need to be towed for any reason there is at least a suitable towing point. 

We fitted some new aero wiper blades on to the original Brazilian wiper arms.

It is amazing the improvement in moving the water away from the screen. 

Scooby is seen here holding a plate from our holiday destination of Hawaii as we celebrated 25 years of marriage in 2012.



Some stickers, two new cushion covers and a magnetic surf board were all brought back from Hawaii to adorn Scooby.

One of our most reason purchases was this 'Brazilian Scooby Flag' that was specially commissioned as a present for Scooby.

We like the combination of Scooby and the Brazilian Flag.

One of the major purchases we made was at a CamperJam show when we bought the Kyham Motordome Sleeper Awning.

As can be seen by this pic it provides a large covered area as well as a sleeping compartment for up to four adults. 

This was a really great purchase and we really enjoy the flexibility it offers.

Here is the final pick of Scooby and his 2012 Christmas present he opened early!

These 'show plates' are the new private registration we purchased for Scooby.

It is meant to say Roo b Roo  

There have been some other minor changes, but that is about all we have to report for now!  

 That's All Volks!