Tuesday, 23 October 2012

'Kombitions and a Kalendar'

Scooby has always entered the photo 'Kombitions' set up on the Forum with plenty of enthusiasm and he also entered a pic for the first Brazi Bay Kombi Kalendar - as well as encouraging others to do so. We therefore thought you may wish to see a couple of the entries, we were happy with the results!

Being 'Club Activities' some of this Blog content is shared with the Forum website.

The first Kombition Scooby entered was set by TimV on 9th February 2011, and it read as follows:

"I need your help please? I'm planning on having a large photo board at the forthcoming Volksworld Show depicting how our Brazi Bays fit into our lifestyles. I'm after photos which show how much you get out of owning your Kombi.

I'm trying to emphasize that owning a Brazi Bay is more than just owning a retro-wagen that appears in the concourse at shows and never gets 'used' in the real sense ie. taking the kids to school, going down the dump, transporting furniture - all the kind of stuff that Volkswagen used to fill their brochures with.

You can be in the photos - it's entirely up to you and I leave the interpretation of the term 'lifestyle' down to you as well. It'd just be great to deliver the message that you can do so much with your Kombi because it's young, reliable and incredibly practical. 

If you could get them to me by Sunday 20th March that would be great. Whoever sends the best photo that I deem to encapsulate the term 'BraziBay Lifestyle' by then, gets a freebie VW Service Wallet."

We sent the following entry to TimV on 7th March 2011.

All the entries we saw we thought were great and we were pleased to see most - including our entry - laminated and fixed to boards around the Kombis at the Volksworld show. On Monday 28th March 2011 TimV wrote on the Forum:

"Many thanks to everyone who sent in photos for this - the photoboards worked a treat around the stand at this weekend's Volksworld show.

The prize goes to Scooby - essentially for showing such creativity!"

We were really pleased to win the Kombition following all the hard work in setting up the photo shoot - but to honest that is really the fun part, as well as coming up with the idea in the first place!

On 24th January 2012, TimV set up the following Kombition of the Forum:

"Time for some online Kombi Kapers to see us through to the start of the show season!

Remember when we used to go into celebrity homes with Lloyd Grossman and David Frost on the TV, well now we’re going Through The Kombi Keyhole via the web! What you need to do is deck out your BraziBay in some way that would make it look like it belonged to a particular celebrity. Then you need to post up to 4 photographs documenting the evidence, but WITHOUT saying who your chosen celebrity is.

It’s entirely down to you as to who your Kombi-owning celebrity is, just make sure it is someone that a good number of members here would know and whose identity could be derived from your photographed clues.

The prize – 2 Club Hoodies in a colour chosen by you from the selection available within the Brazilian VW Stuff Shop. The competition runs from now until 6pm on Sunday 26th February.

Once the competition has closed and the winner announced, everyone can guess who their fellow members' Kombis were featuring."

Scooby sent the following entry in on 21st February 2012.

Gosh, a Harley Fatboy and the T2 Kombi are on the drive as we pull in.
Is this the first big clue?

Watch closely because, remember, all the clues are there.
Let’s find out more as we go “Through The Kombi Keyhole”. 

We can also examine the contents of the glove box for further clues.
They are illustrated on the laptop below. 

You have now seen all the clues. 
So, who would own a T2 Kombi like this?
Well it's over to you. 

Whilst Scooby did not win this Kombition, he really enjoyed coming up with all the clues on this one - the celebrity was relatively easy to guess - have you got it? 

On the Kombi Kalendar front; a number of us sent photos in for consideration during the lead up to Christmas 2011, hoping to be in the first ever Brazilian VW calendar. On 15th January 2012, TimV wrote the following on the Forum.

"The first ever Brazilian VW calendar is now available to order.

Because we started this project a bit too late towards the end of 2011, the calendars run from February 2012 to January 2013, so you do get 12 months use out of it. You'll also have a good month to handover to your 2013 calendar should you order one later this year.

My sincere thanks go out again to pastymaster for editing the calendar and to all those of you who contributed a photo. There are some very nice pictures in here. Is your Kombi featured? You'll have to buy one to find out!"

We ordered one straight away and waited to see if Scooby made it in to the Kombi Kalendar! When we received our copy we looked to August - the month we had requested for our pic - and there we were, Scooby was playing on the beach in the sun. The photo was taken at Weston-Super-Mare during our Mystery Trip in August 2011.

Scooby also managed to squeeze into the photo on the front cover with kiteman in the foreground.

Here's to the next Kombi Kalendar!

Here are all of the months:

       That's All Volks!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Up on the Downs!

It was Sunday 14th October 2012. We had completed some DIY first thing, but as the weather was so good Scooby wanted to have a run in the sun! We therefore packed up our things and decided we would go Up on the Downs!

Scooby likes going Up on the Downs, we often park at Drove Road, Albury (just off the A25 on the way to Box Hill) where there are toilet facilities and a snack bar - not that we need it with Scooby - we have our own Scooby Snax! 

There is a large car park and some nice views as well as some leisurely walks to be had on a sunny afternoon like today.

We arrived just before lunch, but having prepared ours before leaving we decided to eat before going for a walk.

This location is popular with families, dogs and even motorcylists as there is often around 20+ bikes in the car park - ranging from old classics, to cruiser bikes and the latest sports bikes! 

Scooby doo like looking at bikes too, but this afternoon it was all about the views, a slow walk around a circular route and stopping at one of the many benches up at the higher level to just drink it all in.

Here are some pics of the day.


As it was such a nice day, Bobby, who is a good friend of Scooby, came along for some exercise too!


By mid to late afternoon we were back at Scooby, with the sun still shining and blue sky all around. Time for a cup of tea and some biscuits!


Back in the car parke opposite us there was an old 'Splitty' parked, with windows all around, but in need of some TLC in our opinion.


So that was our day - we like being Up on the Downs - we would recommend it if you are ever in the area and it is a nice day. In fact we even go there in the winter months, see below where Scooby has been playing in the snow.

Thanks for a great day out Scooby.

That's All Volks!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Brighton Breeze 2012

We went to Brighton Breeze on Saturday 6th October 2012 and the weather was dry but cloudy in the morning then sunny in the afternoon.

It was not as good as in 2011 - that must have been the best weather ever - either way we had a FAB day out. 

We did not formally enter the event or camp overnight in Epsom and we were not not part of the convoy drive down to Brighton. 

What we did doooo was leave early on Saturday morning at around 7.00am, arriving in Brighton at 8.45am. 

We parked on the 'top road' above Madiera Drive as last year and then walked down on to the sea front. Where is everyone we thought? Not a camper in sight. (We knew there would be no one this early really).

Having missed breakfast at home we went off for a full 'English' breakfast at a restaurant close to the entrance to Madiera Drive and opposite the pier. 

As we ate our breakfast here is the view out of the window as the vehicles started to come through.

As the vehicles were now entering the show thick and fast we quickly finished our breakfast and went outside.

Here are the 'Brazi Bays at Brighton Breeze'. Think we 'caught' most Brazi Bays - either driving in or when parked - briefly chatting to many if not all of them. 

Here is 'Chef' in Silver, the first Brazi we spotted, followed in due course by Stephenjedward in Pale Blue.


Then came 'beamish' in a nice Blue & White Kombi-nation and as they continued to flow - albeit slowly - here is Sunny1 (in the orange) in the thick of it.

Not sure about their membership of the Forum but here is 'Gus the Bus' in Silver.

It is 10.45am and we eventually see Max and TimV crawling along in the crowd! No photo - sorry Tim - we got caught up in chatting to you, but here are some when you are parked - but no one home!

We wandered along the rows of vehicles again and spotted this 2005 all white tin top Brazi Bay. The bodywork was in great condition so we had to chat to the owner.

They are the first owners - a nice couple from the Gatwick area. The Kombi is normally garaged and it apparently gets washed after every trip! It also gets put away for the winter - October to April.

It certainly looked in FAB condition,  we did point them in the direction of the Forum which they did not know about at the time.

We also met the following at this year's show:  'Stephenjedward', 'andhoops', 'lynnandsteve', 'irishman', 'mickar' and 'TimV'. Here are the last three with Scooby having a coffee and some 'exceedingly small cakes' from a well known supplier!

As you would expect at this event - it is run by the Split Screen Van Club -  there were a lot  of Split Screen Campers and Buses at the show.

Ranging in colours, designs and finish. 

Here are some 'Splitty' pics that we like.

Some were really almost a mirror finish - all credit to their owners. 

Some of the Bays had a good shine too!

Some just wanted to stand out from the crowd.

Some had a message and some made us smile!

Here are some 'Bug Shots' we liked from Brighton Breeze 2012.

After a few walks up and down the show we decided to go and walk along the promenade and on to the pier for a different view - here are some pics.

On the way we saw this vehicle - guess it was for the long haul!

Managed to capture a pic of one of the many gulls around the pier.

We also popped into the town and had a quick look around the outside of the Royal Pavilion.

Then it was back to the show once more.

We like one or two stickers, perhaps not this many, but each to there own! 

Scooby Doo like the gecko though.

Mid afternoon whilst wandering around the show we heard vehicle number 1140 being entered in to the show by one of the stewards. He said last year it was around 1300 vehicles and he expected this year would be similar overall, if not more. The show just gets bigger every year - and long may it continue!

             Whether on the front . . .

            . . . or under the arches . . .

            . . . Scooby enjoyed it all.

Well that was another FAB Brighton Breeze - not as hot and sunny as last year - but great all the same. It was good to meet up and chat with everyone. Enjoyed it all - had a 'Devil of a Good Time'

One final pic looking out to sea as we were leaving the show around 5.30pm. We got home at 7.00pm having left at 7.00am that morning - What a Great Day!

That's All Volks!