Tuesday, 25 September 2012

One Year On

At the end of November 2011 we celebrated our 1st Anniversary with Scooby. In this time we have spent a total 30 nights out with Scooby - which we must say has been FAB. If you have read our other Blogs you have probably read about most of our 'sleepover' trips. There have however, been numerous 'days out' in addition to these trips that have not been recorded which all add up to a great first year with Scooby. We therefore thought we would share with you, in pictures, some of our adventures and trips over the first twelve months with Scooby - here's to the next twelve months!

November 2010  On the drive after a wash

December 2010 

Out in the cold with the snow all 'crisp and even'

On the North Downs playing in the snow

Amongst the trees in the New Forrest after Christmas

January 2011

Playing in the South Downs

February 2011

Playing on the North Downs - no snow this time

March 2011

The Dub Aid cruise to Wooton Bassett 

April 2011

Danbury Day in Bristol

At the Widemouth Bay camp site on part of our trip to Devon & Cornwall

At Brean at the end of the same trip 

May 2011

The Vanwest Show

At Newquay for the Run to the Sun (RTTS) Show

 June 2011

At the Stoner Park one day show near Henley

Weekend in Swanage

July 2011

At Henley for the Regatta

In the Club Camping area at CamperJam

In the sun at The Kombi Sleepover
August 2011

Under a blue sky in Eastbourne

On our drive after the Mystery Trip to Wales and before settting off for Sandringham

At the camp site in Sandringham

September 2011

At Vanfest under blue skies with the dragon flying high

The Major Ivan Hirst VW Show 

October 2011

In Woolacombe at the Final Fling

That's All Volks!

Monday, 24 September 2012

The Final Fling

We decided to go down to North Devon at the end of October for our last trip before Christmas. We thought we would include a day visit to the Final Fling that was being held between 21st to 23rd October 2011. We had booked the Friday off from work and left at 7.30am in the morning to get the most of the day there.

We had great weather the whole weekend with plenty of sun, no rain what so ever and not even a dew in the morning's! We even had mild temperatures - only down to 8 or 9C in Scooby over night, but we did have the pop top down. All this in mid to late October, unbeleivable.

The camp site that we stayed at was the Hidden Valley which has a great location - very close to Woolambe and Ilfracome. It was also cheap - only £15 per night for two adults, Scooby and an electric hook up. Would recommend it for a short Winter break - think it is open all year round - but please check.
We headed towards Ilfracombe and arrived at 11.30am, staying until around 4.00pm before heading off to the camp site. As we wandered around under the grey skies, we were thinking what have we let ourselves in for? It did however remain dry and mild as we did the tourist things again - we were only here at Easter.  

Here we are on the site.

Saturday morning we awoke to blue skies and sunshine, so after breakfast we headed of to the Final Fling camp site arriving around 10.30am. It was not a large show, but we enjoyed walking around the stalls and bought one or two trinkets for Scooby.

When we got back to the car park we saw another Brazi Bay, it was a metalic green colour, so we had to go over and introduce ourselves. It turned out to be was 'Dizzylizard' form the Forum who was also only attending for the day. Here we both are basking in the sun.

It was good to meet up with you guys and as we said at the time, that registration plate has to be the best ever! Your camper also has a great specification and looks really cool.

We then looked around the camp site and you could even vote in the Show n Shine competition. There were only a few in the
Show n Shine area - but anyone on the campsite with a number in the window was entered in to the competition. There was a good mix of VW's on display and we would see some of them again tomorrow after the Cruise in to Woolacombe.

Left the show to head into Woolacombe for a late lunch - we were here 
at Easter also - and then went around the shops before having some Chilli Fudge. For us, this was one of a number of reasons to go to Woolamcombe. The Chilli Fudge was sooooo hot it burnt for around 5 minutes after you had eaten it. We were then on the beach, on the rocks, enjoying a sunny late afternoon - just perfect - these two pics were taken around 5.00pm

We then went back to the campsite after this for something to eat and drink and maybe the odd DVD as the dark of night approached.

On the Sunday morning we packed up Scooby ready for the trip home, but there would one more trip back to Woolacombe. Around mid-morning there would be the Cruise from the Final Fling camp site into Woolacombe. 
So we had better find somewhere for breakfast.

The pic below is where we decided to have breakfast - and lunch as it turned out.
Very comfy, good food and view to ponder over - we like it anyway.

The above shot was taken around 10.00am, the Cruise would arrive around mid morning so while we were waiting we bought some more Chilli Fudge - a large bar to bring home this time!
There was another BraziBay in the car park on the front - it was orange but not anyone we knew.
We posted a card 'flyer' under the windscreen - suppose they could be on  the Forum? Took a pic any way - found out later that they were not on the Forum at the time, but they did join following our 'flyer' under the wiper.

The sun was still shining when the Cruise arrived and here are just some pics of the campers we liked.


All to soon it was time for lunch back at Scooby.

Below is one final pic before we head home after a FAB weekend. 
We got home around 5.00pm on Sunday afternoon.
Thanks Scooby for another great trip!
Rooby Roo

Major Ivan Hirst - VW Show

This one day show was held on 25th September 2011 at the REME HQ, Reading

We spent the middle part of the day at this event as it was local to us

The story is almost unbelievable - well worth investigating further - see the link below

The first Bettle into the UK was at the show - from 1947

It was amazing seeing so many beetles and campers from the 40's 50's and 60's all in one location

Its not every day you can find a camper built in the year you were born and have your photo taken with it!

We are sure the show could have catered for most age ranges of the Forum members 

Here some pics we liked of the day

The car park also had an interesting collection of vehicles

These were something else

On top of all this, there was the REME museum

The museum provides an interesting insight to what these guys have done and still do

All in all enjoyed our visit - the sunshine also helped make it a nice day

Another successful - albeit local - trip with Scooby

Rooby Roo

Vanfest 2011

The Vanfest show boasts that it is the world's Largest International Bus Festival and it is certainly the biggest we have ever been to - we are here for the second year on the trot - last year we were in a hired Brazi Bay.

This year we were in the Club Camping with some chums from the Forum

If you have read some of our other Blogs, such as Camper Jam or The Kombi Sleepover you will have an idea of what to expect - as with those Blogs some content from here is shared with the Forum site.

Well it was a good weekend, albeit with some rain and some grey skies but some all important sun shine as well.
Great Bays, Great Company and Great Times, but at the start . . . 

We took the day off on Friday 9th September 2011 and got there at 11.00am - it took a full 30 mins to find our allocated location - not very well set up or sign posted. We were fully set up within the hour, but where was everyone! 

So we had lunch and looked around the show for the first time.

The Danbury Project 1 vehicle was on display (see below) and only one word can describe it - awesome. 

Just shows what can be done with a Brazi Bay!

Got back to Scooby just before 3.00pm and still no one had turned up? Then Kiteman and Irishman arrived - they also had trouble finding the location - and Tallulah would follow on that evening.

Here are some pics of the setup - we were right next to the showers - what luxury


In addition to those of us in the Club Camping area, Lilyvdub was camping the adjacent field in the VWT2OC area. 

Other Club Members Tilly and Roobarb popped over to see us on the Friday - they were day visitors only. 

We thought there were other Brazi Bays around the site and Kiteman would investigate their Forum status in due course.

We were fortunately close to the entertainment marques so we got the 'sounds' for free on Friday night. 
As dragons flew over head we sat around and chatted the evening away - with the odd drink or two.

Saturday morning and time to walk around the show again.

Here are a selection of pics which include some of the Show n Shine entrants and other campers we liked.

On the way back to the Brazi Bay Camp we took a pic of these two poles - useful in last pic of this Blog for orientation.                                                                                                                                     

The flag was still flying high the the strong winds all around.

Back at Brazi Bay Camp we had a quick Chilli dinner before going out to see the group  SLADE  that evening in one of the marques with Lilyvdub.

Enjoyed the Slade gig very much - took me back to the 70's as we all sang along - Dave Hill was still dancing around and it turned out to be Don Powel's birthday that Saturday and they brought out a cake!

The Michael Jackson Tribute Guy on before them was not so hot!

On Sunday after a full english breakfast at the site restuarant then it was off to see the last of the Show n Shine entrants before judging.

Had a long chat with a nice couple who had a fabulous Eriba and Bay combination in orange and white - awesome.

Loved it all.

By lunchtime we were ready to leave the show so we went back and packed up.

Only three now left as pictured below:

Tallulah, Scooby and Kiteman

Said our goodbyes and headed home via Malvern for a last look down on the show

Brazi Bay Camp was to the left of the above pic by the single storey brick building to the side of the large white entertainment marques.

The two poles were further to the right with the traders even further to the right and nearer the camera.

Well, Vanfest 2011 - we enjoyed it all - AB FAB

Thanks Scooby for taking us on another great weekend.