Friday, 24 August 2012

Finding Scooby

Finding Scooby was not a short exercise, so let us provide a summary . . .

We were looking forward to Vanfest 2010, even though it was some weeks away because in a previous life we had a 1972 low light/cross over VW Bay. However, it's MOT was coming up and we were in for a shock. First it failed the MOT and then there was an estimate for thousands of pounds of work and welding to be done. We were not in a position to proceed at the time so what were we to do. 
We wanted to go to Vanfest with our friends - they had a Classic VW Bay - and we were so looking forward to it. We eventually decided to try/hire one of those new Brazilian Kombis, if we could find one still available. We managed to book Daisy, a Green Brazilian Kombi from Camp in a VDub - Fiona was so helpful and the manual covered everything. We would be going to Vanfest after all - here is a pic of Daisy at Vanfest 2010.
We really enjoyed the weekend and liked the new Brazilian Kombi - so we now needed to sell our old Bay and buy a Brazilian VW Bay!
Although we did not know it Fiona was at Vanfest for one of the days, meeting up with the guys from the Brazilian VW Bay Club (Forum) - again something we did not know about at the time, but we would in due course - here is a pic from their site:
When we returned Daisy we had a few questions about the Brazilian Kombis, but we were sure of one thing, we were going to get one.
Finding Scooby seemed to take an age, we travelled around the country viewing potential Kombis until we found a nice looking, one owner, light blue one in Derby. It had a lot of extras already fitted and it might just fit the budget. After the first viewing we were hooked. Arrangements were made and at the end of November we found ourselves travelling by train to Derby to pay for and collect our new Kombi. The further North we travelled the colder it got, then there was snow on the ground! Did our Kombi have heating?
We were met at the station by the owner and it did have heating! We drove the Kombi in the ice and snow back to their house - our first drive in such weather in a Kombi! Pretty soon the paperwork was complete and we were heading home in our new Kombi - christened Scooby on the way down.
We had found Scooby.
Here he is on the drive the next day taking a well earned rest.
That Brazilian VW Owners Club (Forum) we mentioned earlier we found on the internet and joined as a formal member on 12th December 2010. The site had lots of info and advice which we investigated further over the Christmas break. Looks like a good bunch of Volks!

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