Thursday, 30 August 2012

Why Scooby?

So why the name Scooby?
Put simply, it is just our all time, life long favourite, cartoon character. 
It is a character that spans the decades.
From the early days right up to the present day. 
Whether you are old or young you can relate to Scooby.
He has great adventures, getting in the odd scrape or two, but always with a happy ending. 
Anyway what's not to love about the cute canine - and he can talk!
So what better name to reflect the aspirations of our Kombi.
Scooby to us is no 2D cartoon, but a real 3D character.
Sometimes it feels like his persona can overtake our own . . . 
So there you have it really, not much else to say.
You will see in some of our other Blogs how Scooby enjoys himself.
You could say we are as one (what ever that means)

Should you, by some strange quirk of fate, not know too much about Scooby . . .
follow this link for all you need to know . . .

Do not worry, there will not be a test.
We will also pretend not to know the answers should you quiz us at any time.
Safe in the knowledge that you know we know!

Finally, if you are in need of some dancing lessons look no further than the following link.
(Picture quality is poor but you can still get the moves - hehehehhehe)

Well there it is, not much else you need to know                                   Rooby Roo

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Devon & Cornwall - a mini-tour

We took advantage of the "take 3 days off work and get a 10 day break", starting at the Easter break and combining it with the Royal Wedding Bank Holiday on 29th April 2011.

Went to Devon & Cornwall on a mini-tour not staying more than two nights at any one location. Ended up an 800 mile round trip in wall to wall sunshine and no rain what so ever

First stop was Watchet in North Devon, followed by Minehead, Combe Martin and Ilfracombe.

The picture to the left is where we stopped at Combe Martin

We then went on to Woolacombe, Bude, Widemouth Bay, Boscastle, Padstow and Newquay - see if you can recognise any of these pictures - we will come back at a later date and add some  names. 

Or you could simply enjoy the following photographs!

Pic 1
Pic 2

Pic 3
Pic 4

Pic 5
Pic 6

Pic 7
Pic 8

Pic 9
Pic 10
Pic 11
Pic 12

                                   At Perenporth we took the Cliff Road

(as pictured on the right)

   On to St Ives and we still had great weather and a good campsite

The return leg was to have less stops, but the great weather continued as we first went to Falmouth, Newquay again, then on to Brean Sands as our final stop before home. 

            We stayed at Newquay on the Royal Wedding Day - here is Scooby dressed up - then playing in the sand!

Only saw about a dozen other campers the whole trip - mostly older Bays, a couple of Splits but one yellow watercooled Brazi Bay parked in a side road as we drove past.

We stayed at the following camp sites on this trip:
1 night - Watermouth Cove - OK for an over night stay1 night - Widemouth Bay - a relatively new site - very good1 night - Hendra - a large family friendly site 2 nights - Padstow - great site and location2 nights - Polmanter - another great site and location1 night - Hendra - a large family friendly site

If you get the time we would recommend you consider undertaking a similar trip - even if not in one adventure as we did - but doooo go to the North Devon & Cornish Coastline. It was made for Campers!
 A FAB adventure - thanks Scooby - Hope you enjoyed our Tale & Scooby Snaps

Danbury Day

Scooby had never been to Danbury. We say never been there what we mean is with us. The previous owners had their servicing done there for two or three years and the lived in Derby! Anyway, when there was talk on the BrazilianVWBay Forum of going to Danbury for the day  we leapt at the chance to see the birth place of Scooby. Having never been we thought it would be good to have the factory tour and meet up with other Brazi Bays so we signed up to the event and waited for the day to arrive - which turned out to be 2nd April 2011.
A few of us - generally in the South - were to meet up around 11.30am at the M4 Chieveley Services and then travel in convoy to Danbury. We set reasonably early, allowing plenty of time, and when we arrived Matt and stoneyuk (their Forum names) were already there. So we pulled up along side and everyone introduced themselves. It was not long before TimV arrived - Tim was the founder and administrator of the Forum - and we were setting off down the M4, Bristol bound in a Convoy - three air cooled and one water cooled Kombi. We were looking forward to our factory tour, a free BBQ lunch from Danbury and the opportunity to quiz the Danbury mechanics. Here we are just before the motorway.

Driving in a 'Kombi Konvoy' was a new fun experience for us, we certainly had a few people looking at us on the M4. Tim lead from the front, then it was stoneyuk, Matt and then Scooby.
It was not long before we were pulling on to the Danbury forecourt, all lined up so others could park along side - it ended up a good turn out of Brazi Bays and it was dry, with some sun!
Here is Bob, Lilyvdub, kiteman, Tilly and OSG

Here is Scooby, stoneyuk, Matt, TimV jnr followed by the Danbury Team on the day and then TimV
The 'splitsombrero' also turned up, his new Kombi was still in the 'White' being prepared for him and it would be ready in a few weeks. They had so many new Kombis lined up in the basic white, ready for new customers, as well as a good selection of finished units in their showroom - as the following pics show.
Even the reception desk was formed by a Brazi Bay . . .
We enjoyed the factory tour, it was good to see how certain aspects were put together as well as seeing how some things have changed from the Air Cooled days when Scooby was new. Everyone attending the event received a couple of gifts from Danbury, a VW mug and a VW paper weight - here we are receiving ours.
The Danbury BBQ turned out to be a voucher for a 'Burger Van' type meal which was not what we were expecting but everyone seemed to find something they liked. Kiteman had a test drive in the LPG, air conditioned, power steering equiped Kombi during the day - it even had working fresh air vents on a RHD - which all seemed impressive. All in all it was a worthwhile day, especially as Scooby was bought 'pre-owned' it was useful to see where he was born. All too soon we had to make a move to head home - so we said our goodbyes and got ready to leave - thanks Danbury for a good day out. As we drove out Danbury filmed us all leaving their site.
For the journey back home we took the scenic route along the A4 instead of the M4, stoneyuk went with us as far as Newbury before turning off to go home. Before then however, we stopped for the obligatory cup of tea and cake, as well as a little chat before hitting the road again. If you have not been to Danbury we would say it is worth a visit, we certainly enjoyed it.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Volksworld March 2011

Volksworld is probably one of the largest and most well known shows on the VW Calendar. This year we would be going as proud BraziBay owners in Scooby to meet some of the Forum Members as they display their Kombis at the Club Stand. 

In the first photo to the left we have the Team on the Saturday, in order from left to right, TimV & TimV jnr, Olive, stoneyuk, kiteman and irishman (all Forum user names). So there would be five BraziBay's to look at as well as to meet and greet their owners at this event. 

The next pic is of TimV's red Kombi known as Max alongside kiteman's Kombi known as Ginger, followed by another group shot showing Olive and irishman's Kombi Mish. 

The next pic is of Olive again and the blue Kombi of stoneyuk - with some interested members of the public looking through the window.

It was really good to meet the Forum members and their Kombi's, albeit briefly, as well as seeing in the flesh all the updates and gadgets kiteman had installed to his Kombi - up until then we had only followed his progress via the 'postings' on the Forum.

TimV - founder & administrator of the Forum - posted the following after the show:

"Thank you to everyone who displayed, came and said hello, simply visited us and are now reading this as a guest or new member. 

Today alone we've had 3 new members join and it looks like we're set to break 200 by next weekend.

I'm really proud of what we've achieved here and the best bit is that everyone gets on so well - long may that continue.

We had an amazing response to the stand - even though we were a bit tight for space and the pitch didn't work out exactly as I'd planned. However the interest was incredible and everyone genuinely seemed keen to know more about our BraziBays. 

We had a lot of contact with the traders too - they really now recognise us as a big deal".

From what we saw, we would agree with these comments. There always seemed to be people looking at the assembled "famous five" BraziBays and the location of the stand meant that there would always be people looking at the Club Stand.

We obviously looked around the whole show and we include half a dozen pics at the bottom of the Blog, but the main aim of going this year was to meet the Team. It was really great to meet everyone from the Forum on Saturday (albeit briefly) and put names & faces together. We are sure it has raised the Brazilian profile to a new level.

As we made our way home we were already looking forward to meeting some of the Forum members at the Danbury Open Day  coming up next weekend. At least we shall know some faces now!

Well that's another FAB day out - thanks Scooby.

Dub Aid 2011

Scooby took us to Dub Aid  over the weekend of 18th to 20th March 2011. This was a new family friendly event on the VW scene.  A VW Charity Show & Cruise in support of Help for Heroes and to thank the people of Wootton Bassett (now Royal) for what they do for our returning servicemen and women on their final journey.  The event was held at sunny Castle Combe in Wiltshire, under a totally blue sky (see below) but more of that later.

Originally we had intended to leave after work on Friday night to attend this event, but we got delayed so we left Saturday morning. This turned out to be fortunate for us, but not so for those on site.  What a frost over night – apparently down to -4 on the campsite – people had to leave their tents and get in the car! 
Saturday was bright and sunny - arrived on site soon after the gates opened and found a spot in the North (general) Camping Area. There was also a South Camping Area for Clubs and Groups.

Having set up camp we had a coffee then set about orientation on the site and all importantly booking Scooby in for the Cruise on Sunday morning through Wootton Bassett. There must have been 50+ traders in our estimation – with the range of usual “Dub Stuff” you get at these shows – you know what we mean. The time just flew past as we walked around the various stands bathed in “wall to wall” sunshine. After lunch we spent some time just chillin by the bay, as well as watching the various vehicles race around the track.

At some point during the afternoon we went in search of another Brazilian Bay – found none in either  camping area. We knew Scooby was unique - but we did not know there could be only one! After this we walked along the side the track to the “Day Parking” area and eventually found two Brazilian Bays but no others – see pictures below

Up until 3.00pm the Show ‘n’ Shine competition was in full swing – there were a range of classes etc. – some of the vehicles we liked are posted below.

Late afternoon there was a charity auction, which was entertaining and we even managed to win one auction.
This was followed by the Show ‘n’ Shine Awards. The smell of Barb-B-Q’s started to fill the air as we returned back to Scooby for a home cooked meal in the camper. We returned back to the entertainment marquee to sample both the drink and entertainment from the various bands lined up for the evening. On our walk back to Scooby we reflected on the day and was amazed by the size of the yellow Perigee Moon (or super moon) that shone brightly in the night sky – apparently it was the closest the moon had been to the earth for 20 years (educational eh?). With the sun by day and the moon by night the organisers clearly knew how to order something special for this event!
Sunday morning – Cruise Day – no frost over night, it was again dry with only thin cloud cover early on in the morning, clearing all the time. When booking Scooby in for the Cruise we had secured a spot in the first thirty vehicles to leave at 10.00am. We packed Scooby up and placed the odd flag in position and we were ready for the off.

As we moved to the collection point we found ourselves to be third in the first Cruise of the day. At the front was a red Crew Cab followed by a terracotta & cream Splitty, then Scooby the Brazilian VW Bay. The sun started to break through as we waited in line. At 10.00am on the dot “Keebs” (one of the main organisers) shouted “Gentlemen Start Your Engines” and we were off, driving through country roads in the sunshine. Along the route we waved to all, with the number of vehicles in the cruise appearing to increase every time we checked our mirrors. We estimate there would have been fifteen or twenty vehicles of various models and colours (possibly more but the roads did not lend themselves to see any further). As we entered Wootton Bassett High Street we were pleased to see people supporting the event on the side of the road – all waving at us in Scooby (at everyone in the cruise actually). All too soon we were out the other end of the High Street and ready to make our way home.
We must say we enjoyed the whole weekend and we hope lots of money was raised by the event. (Keep an eye on their website to see how much was actually raised) 

Congratulations to the organisers for putting on the first Dub Aid – the first is always the hardest – here’s to the next.