Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Welcome to our Home Page

Hi and welcome to our Blog :   Scooby Snaps
This Blog contains Snapshots and Tales of our Brazilian VW Camper "Scooby". The majority of our adventures together are all detailed here for your consideration.

The Blog Archive to the right currently lists 59 entries for you to discover and enjoy. Just click on the arrows to open up each month and then again on desired title.  

Our adventures all started with Finding Scooby and then move on to the trips and shows we have attended - it's all been FAB. 

The red text in our Blog entries allow you to just click on them to open up another page, then simply use the back button to return here.

We hope you will enjoy the tales and pics contained within this Blog and we also hope you will return again and again to see our further adventures in the future.  

There are a few adventures we are currently writing up, which includes last year's Brazi Bay Halloween Bash. Work has been getting in the way of completing our blog! Hope to have that one and one or two others posted soon. Thanks for looking.

That's All Volks!